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Becoming an American Citizen.

American life is far different from other countries in the world. This is tha land of freedom and offers you opportunities to become as a suseful person in life. It dosen't mean all the American people are rich, but most of them are covered with Government support if they need it really.

Most of the top rated industries are from here or have their head offices or country office located here. Most of the Governments realy on the financial support offered by the American Government. And nealry all the countries target their industries for to export their products to America as this is the land where they can sale their products at good profit.

They allow you to become popular over night for any good deed and you can find the Billion dolar priced Lotto too from here. So if you are a winner in any of these lotteries, then you can become as a Billionare in days.

You have the choice to study in best universities where they give scholarships to brilliant students and outstanding sportsman too.

As any country here too you have to face crooked persons and violent people during your life over here.

Plenty of foreigners, actors and politicians used to deposit and invest their money in the USA as they feel this is the place where they can find security for their hard earned money. Even they are allowed to have their own properties over there.