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Becoming an American Citizen.

There are many ways to become as an American citizen if you wanted to be. If your birth is related to the USA and if you have clear documents to proof of your birth, then you may apply for American citizenship. There is no need for you to go behind any agents or immigration lawyers to proceed this. You can achieve this target with proper forms and your supported documents by directly applying through the official application forms that are obtainable from the State Department web site.

If you were born in the United States of America you can claim your U.S citizenship very easily.

People who had born in other countries and not in the U.S.A can claim their U.S.A citizenship through the US law,

If one of your parent was born in the USA or naturalized in the USA.
If one of your parent was a US citizen at the time of your birth.

Also there is a notice from the State Department says that anyone who thinks that they have a claim to U.S. citizenship are here by advised not to apply for any American visa till their citizenship applications has been determined by the relevant consular office.

Participate in the American diversity visa lottery program. This program provides path to the American citizenship through the name selection. This name selection draw may look simple but it is covered by strict rules. It is available for the people who are coming from countries those are sending less people to the USA. Also they must have the required education and or work experience.