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How much money to carry with me to the USA?

4:42 PM 5/8/2020

How much money does need to carry with me to the USA? This is the most popular question asked by the DV Lottery winners after getting their American visa and when they are ready to travel to the USA. As you are immigrating to the USA and you don't know what kind of life is waiting there for you and your loving family. So you must take as much money that you can afford to take with you.

How much money do need to carry with me to the USA?

Also take care if you are taking a lot of foreign currency in any form your country customs may request you to declare it at your departure time. Like wise when you are entering USA there also you have to declare the money to US custom officers. If you try to take or bring large amount of money with out declaration to the customs will be counted as a punishable crime in most countries.

So when you are going to the USA with the immigrant visa obtained through the DV Lottery, it is necessary for you to have enough money to start your life. You have to pay for your accommodation, food, transport and other things till you get a job. It is not guaranteed that you will get job once you reach the USA.

Every one asks how much money is needed to start the life in the USA? There is no answer for this question as each person has his own spending style. Contact your friend or relative in the US city where you are going to stay and ask them about the cost of living over there per day. This can give you a rough estimate to keep money with you for at least 6 months to stay with out a job.

Cost of living relocation calculator for the USA.

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